World of diplomacy as seen by diplomats’ spouses: exhibition

The Art of Diplomacy at the Royal Łazienki Museum will be the third edition of the exhibition presenting works from 14 countries of 15 artists, including spouses of the Heads of Diplomatic Missions living in Warsaw.

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With its opening scheduled for October 29, this extraordinary exhibition presents the artists' personal view of the world through their lives in their countries and life in various diplomatic missions.

Artists are among others spouses of diplomats from Sweden, Slovenia and Pakistan. Aside from paintings there are also sculptures and traditional Sri Lankan lanterns on display.

“We produce lanterns as a family, mothers, fathers and children participate in it. The lanterns are made of bamboo,” said Her Excellency Dhammika Semasinghe, Sri Lankan Ambassador to Poland.

The event is hosted by Łazienki Królewskie park, although the Association of Spouses of Heads of Diplomatic Missions has been behind the initiative from the beginning.